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We mainly manufacture rubber seal strip,u channel edge trims,epdm rubber profiles for house/car door window trim sealing,e.g.E/P/D shaped self adhesive foam rubber strip for house/car door,window glass rubber gasket seals,trialer/shipping container door rubber gasket seals.

door rubber seal strip

Door rubber seal strip is used for house/car door weather sealing,typical type is sponge foam type L/E/P/D shaped self adhesive rubber strip,we wholesale it

windshield rubber seal weatherstrip

Windshield rubber seal weatherstrip is a flexible EPDM strip,used for windscreen on vehicles(automotive car,boat,locomotive) trim sealing

beltline weatherstrip

Beltline weatherstrip is a kind of co-extrusion steel based flocking pvc profile(pile coating),used for car door panels double sizes watertight sealing.

sunroof rubber seal

Sunroof rubber seal is a flexible weatherstrip on vehicles(auto cars,boats,locomotive,vans), for airtight trim sealing.We manufacture and wholesale

auto rubber trim

Auto rubber trim often is applied to car door/trunk boot/engine hood or anything with an edge,for decorative trimming and protection.e.g.rubber u channel

fender flare trim seal

Car wheel fender flare trim seal is extruded to be rubber profiles,provides a nice outline trimming and quite well protection from flying debris and muds

window glass seal

We manufacture window glass seal (EPDM gasket flexible strip) used for vehicle(automotive cars,boats,locomotive) glazing edge guard trimming.

pinchweld rubber seals

pinchweld rubber seals are extruded molding to be U shaped channel strip,used for sharp edges protection or decorative trimming,e.g.automotive,sheet metal

rubber hinge

We manufacture and wholesale rubber hinge,often used for vehicles typically on bus,it's often extruded to be EPDM flexible strips.

car door rubber seal

Car door rubber seal is flexible strip for automotive glass door trim sealing,made by foam EPDM,with self adhesive backing,e.g.E/P/D shaped sponge door seal

automotive weatherstripping profiles

We produce automotive weatherstripping profiles,used for car door,glass window,sunroof,windshield,truck boot,beltline

glass run

Glass run channel is used for vehicles cars window trim sealing,made by pvc to be flocking (pile coating) flexible strips,we manufacture and wholesale

car window rubber seal

Car window rubber seal is custom made to be certain section shape flexible strips(typically rubber U channel section trim) for trim sealing,we wholesale

automotive rubber extrusions

Automotive rubber extrusions are different types of weatherstrip used for car doors/windshield/glass windows/sunroof/trunk boot trim sealing.

rubber boot seal

Rubber boot seal is used for automotive/car trunk trim sealing,often extruded to be flexible EPDM strips,typical style is rubber u channel trim section

glazing rubber seal

Glazing rubber seal is used for vehicles(car,boat,locomotive) window glass edge trim,often made to be u channel gasket section flexible strips

glass rubber seal

Glass rubber seal is used for house door/window glazing and vehicles(automotive cars,boats,subway/railway locomotive)sliding glass trim sealing.

windscreen rubber seal

windscreen rubber seal is used for vehicles windshield window glass edge protection and decorative trimming,often made to be EPDM flexible gasket strips.

automotive rubber seals

Automotive rubber seals are extruded to be flexible EPDM gasket strip,used on car door,glass window trim sealing,e.g.u channel rubber edge trim