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We manufacture and wholesale supply flexible U channel pvc edge trims used for sharp edge guard protection or rough parts decoration,e.g.automotive pinch weld,glazing/glass,sheet metal,equipment cabinet,machinery

u channel edge trim

U channel edge trim are used for sharp edges protection or rough parts decoraton,e.g.sheet metal,glazing,auto door window,cabinet,made by epdm/flexible pvc.

flexible u channel trim

Flexible u channel trim is often made by EPDM rubber or flexible pvc,extruded molding to be u shaped gasket strip,used for edges decorative trimming protection.

flexible u channel edging

Flexible u channel edging are made by EPDM rubber or pvc,used for edges guard protection or rough parts decorative trim,e.g.sheet metal,glazing/glass,cars

flexible pvc u channel

Flexible pvc u channel is extusion molding to be U shaped strip,often used for automotive glass window trim,house glazing,sheet metal,cabinet.As a supplier

pvc edge trim

PVC edge trim is extruded to be flexible U channel,used for sharp edge protection and rough parts decorative trimming,e.g.car,sheet metal,machinery,glass