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We manufacturer industrial use silicone/EPDM rubber extrusions,e.g. EPDM rubber sealing strip for house/car door window,extruded rubber profiles,e.g.trialer/shipping container door gasket,sponge foam EPDM/silicone rubber tubing

rubber seal strip

We manufacture rubber seal strip used for house or car door window trim sealing,or industrial rubber extrusions parts,e.g.foam rubber strips with self adhesive backing.

silicone rubber profiles

Silicone rubber profiles are custom made by extrusion method,often molded to be flexible strips,tubing,gasket seals or large size proximate.

silicone rubber extrusions

Silicone rubber extrusions is widely used for multiple usage for diversified feature,extruded to be flexible strips,tubing or certain cross section profiles

epdm rubber extrusions

EPDM rubber extrusions often made to be small size flexible strips or large profiles,used for automotive weatherstrip,door window sealing,edge trim

sponge rubber extrusions

We manufacture sponge rubber extrusions(foam EPDM/silicone),made to be house/car door window sealing strip,gasket,tubing or industrial use profiles.

pvc waterstop

As seal rubber extrusions manufacturer,we wholesale supplies pvc waterstop for construction waterproof installation e.g.underground facilities tunnel,subway

container door seals

Shipping container door seals has two types of profile-rubber gasket and rigid-flexible composite pvc profiles.We wholesale supplied them as a manufacturer

foam rubber sealing strip self adhesive

We manufacture wholesale E/P/D shaped sponge foam EPDM rubber sealing strip self adhesive for house/car door trim sealing.

self adhesive rubber seal

Self adhesive rubber seal is extruded to be flexible strips,made by foam EPDM to be a D/E/P/I section,used on housing/car doors weatherstrip trim sealing

rubber window gasket

Rubber window gasket is designed to trim seal house/vehicles(cars,boat,locomotive)glass window trim sealing,extruded to be flexible u channel rubber strips.

pvc water stop

pvc water stop is often applicable to commercial/residential building waterproof installation or drainage system for municipal construction projects

rubber extrusion profiles

rubber extrusion profiles has a large variety of industrial applications,e.g.for housing/automotive door window weatherstrip sealing,edge trims

rubber profile

We manufacture and wholesale extruded silicone EPDM rubber profiles used for house/car door window sealing,edge trim,and industrial rubber parts

epdm rubber tubing

We manufacture and wholesale silicone/EPDM rubber tubing for multiple industrial applications,different diameter/wall thickness is available.

silicone rubber strip

We're a rubber extrusions manufacturer, wholesale extruded silicone rubber strip for multi-purpose use,e.g.tubing,profiles,trim seals

epdm rubber strip

Epdm rubber strip has multi-purpose uses,typically used for industrial/ housing door window sealing,vehicles (automotive,boats, locomotive)weatherstrip

rubber strip seal

Rubber strip seal is often used for industrial/house/automotive door window trim sealing,e.g.self adhesive E/P/D foam sponge EPDM flexible weather strip.

silicone rubber seal

Silicone rubber seal is designed to trim sealing for industrial/house door window,automotive or projects required non-toxic,anti knock/impact,low-high temp

rubber gasket seal

We manufacture and wholesale extruded rubber gasket seal,often made to be flexible strips used for vehicles door window sealing,edge trims,or industrial parts.

EPDM rubber seal

EPDM rubber seal is often made to be flexible strips with varied section shapes and continuous length,mainly used for housing/automotive door window seals