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sheet metal edge trim production line

PVC extrusions workshop(sheet metal edge trim,rigid/flexible PVC profiles) PVC extrusions workshop pinchweld rubber seals automtive installation flexible u shaped channel edge trim for sheet metal steel interlined structure U channel […]

rubber extrusions tooling testing devices

Extrusion Tooling and Lab Testing Devices Extrusion Tooling/Mould Dies and corresponding cross section shape Angle acjacent tools for rubber strips Qualified Product Certificate from vVehicles/Auto Parts Inspection Bureau ISO9001 cerficiate […]

automotive rubber seals epdm rubber extrusions

Automotive Rubber Seals Extrusions Parts car windshield/windscreen rubber seal weatherstrip car primary door rubber seal weatherstrip car trunk boot rubber seal weatherstrip car door frame rubber seal weatherstrip glass run […]

rubber co-extrusion production line

Rubber Co-extrusion Production Line Coextrusion rubber extruder machine compounded rubber extruder-solid parts/sponge foam parts,steel interlining steel interlining processing equipment line steel interlining u channel rubber edge trim diagram

EPDM rubber extrusion production line

Single Material Rubber Extruding Equipments EPDM Rubber Extruders EPDM Rubber Materials Mixing/Compounding Equipment Single Material Rubber Extruding Equipment Injection Acjacent Mahine for extruded rubber strip