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We manufacture u channel rubber edge trim used for sharp edges guard protection e.g.glazing/glass,sheet metal,or rough parts decoration trimming e.g. automotive pinch weld,equipment,cabinet,machinery etc.

u channel rubber seal

U channel rubber seal is often extruded molding to be flexible strip for sharp edge protection,rough parts decorative trimming,e.g.car glass window,glazing

u channel rubber edge trim

U channel rubber edge trim is a common extruded flexible profile molding shaped by extrusion method,used for glazing,car glass window seal

u shaped rubber trim

U shaped rubber trim is extruded molding to be a flexible strip,this classic u channel section is used to trim seal for automotive car window,glazing glass

rubber u channel trim

Rubber u channel trim is designed to sharp edges protection or rough parts decoration,e.g. automotive door window seal,sheet metal,glass,cabinet,machinery

rubber edge trim for sheet metal

Rubber edge trim for sheet metal is made to be U shaped flexible strips,used for decoration and guard protection of metal sharp edge on equipment or facilities.

U shaped rubber seal

U shaped rubber seal is designed to decorative trimming rough parts or protect sharp edges,e.g.sheet metal,glazing window, cabinet,automotive etc.

rubber edge trim

Rubber edge trim is moulding to be flexible U channel section for sharp edges guard protector or rough parts decoration,e.g.sheet metal,glass,car