Shipping container door seals has two types of profile-rubber gasket and rigid-flexible composite pvc profiles.We wholesale supplied them as ours is a manufacturer of flexible pvc/rubber extrusions.

This kind of pvc/rubber door gasket are widely used for dry cargo containers,trailer door,reefer container,railway container, caravan etc,aims at container door edge trimming and sealing.Main functions are:

  • weather resistance(sunlight,freezing cold,ozone,ultraviolet)
  • anti corrosion,hard wearing,durable,airtight and watertight
  • anti impact/vibration/collision,denoise,aging resistant

The container door rubber seal is made by EPDM solid rubber,color black,durometer hardness 70 Shore A.While the composite pvc door gasket are made by compounded Rigid/flexible pvc and co-extruded to be a H shaped channel section.Color white and black.

About us–container door seals wholesale supplier

Well ours is rubber extrusions manufacturer.Our expertise is pvc/rubber extrusions products.Main product is:

  • industrial rubber extrusions,e.g.tubing/bumpers etc
  • house door window thermal insulation and airtight sealing
  • EPDM rubber/flexible pvc edge trims for sharp edges and rough parts
  • automotive weatherstripping for door,glass window,sunroof,windscreen,boot

Why us–a trustworthy industrial door seals manufacturer

  • 14 years producing experience;mature custom made expertise
  • Full set In-House machine shop;favorable bulk production
  • ISO9001/TS16949 certified;professional technician team
  • Good quality materials;reasonable price and tooling cost

Our capacity qualified us to provide most valuable products you’re looking for.We welcome clients contact us for container door seals wholesale business.


rubber seal profiles for shipping container door

rigid flexible pvc profile extrusions-container/trailer door seals