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What we can do

  • Custom made service

We manufacture molded/extruded rubber parts with customer’s samples or full data drawings

  • Bulk quantity production

We produce standard or non-standard rubber extrusions items in bulk quantity with nice price

  • Standard item wholesale

We wholesale the standard rubber extrusions e.g.self adhesive rubber seal strip,pvc edge trims

  • Logistics Service

We’re responsible to deliver cargo as per clients’ demand,take account to cost and convenient

Reliable Foundation

Custom design and manufacturing for 2 decades qualified us proficient producing skill

Large scale fabrication capacity

Annual output over 8,000 kilometers of rubber strip and flexible pvc edge trim

Enrich Experience

Over 1,000 specifications has been developed by us for multiple industrial applications

Competent Technical Ability

Steel/flexible pvc extrusions,steel/foam rubber/solid rubber co-extrusion can be done by us

Excellent Quality

High quality raw materials;professional technical staff;Excellent custom design capability

Optimum Work-Flow

Deep industry insights;convencient communication;high efficient production

Cordial Service

Friendly sales team;Efficient business flow;Fast Resonse;Years exporting history

Favorable Business terms

Favorable price with low tooling cost;fast delivery and convenient logistics service

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to achieve wholesale business accomplished by extrusion/molding method, to custom made most valuable items as per clients’ specific technical requirement,to get the most out of elastomers performance,and to be fit for varied working conditions.

Why Choose Us

  • Full set of machine shop with abundant producing line,favorable for bulk production;
  • 2 decade producing experience,over 1,000 varied rubber parts has been developed;
  • ISO 9001/TS 16949 certified;experienced technician team;mature fabrication skills;
  • Excellent Quality with lowest possible price,convenient communication,fast delivery;

Product Common Sense

EPDM rubber properties:solid rubber density 1.4gram/cm³,hardness 70 Shore A;foam rubber durometer hardness 30 Shore A,density 0.8g/cm³; Color black
EPDM rubber properties
weather resistance(sunlight,freezing cold,ozone,ultraviolet),aging resistance,anti corrosion,dielectric,anti oxidation,hard wearing,chemical resistance
EPDM rubber features
small size rubber seal strip is packed in roll then in cartons e.g.self adhesive rubber strip;large size rubber extrusions profiles cut into certain length then in plywood case
General packing