• Material:Dense/Sponge foam EPDM
  • Hardness:30~70 Shore A
  • Color:Black

Delivery Terms:

  • Package:packed in roll then in carton
  • Delivery time:within 2 weeks

Order Notes:

  • Minimum order quantity:500 meters
  • Transport:Air express/sea shipping
  • Payment Terms:T/T ;Paypal ; Western Union ;Payoneer

EPDM rubber extrusions products rubber strip seals tubing gaskets and profiles

We’re a rubber extrusions manufacturer,wholesale EPDM rubber extrusions products,e.g.rubber seal strips for cars and other vehicles(boat, subway/railway locomotive,bus,vans,truck),u channel rubber edge trim,or extruded rubber profiles for multiple industrial use.

 The main applications of EPDM rubber extrusions products are:

  • Weatherstripping seals for vehicles or house door window
  • Edge trim guards for sharp edges or protruding rough parts
  • Anti impact/collision/vibration/noise damper/bumper parts
  • Tubes/cord,extruded wedge gaskets,waterstop for concrete etc

Its key features are:

  • Superior weather resistance(Heat,cold,ozone,UV,sunlight)
  • Chemical resistance(polar solvent):Anti Corrosion;Durable
  • Good resilience; Anti Oxidation; Anti Aging; Waterproof
  • Hard wearing; Di-electric; anti impact/vibration/collision

The finished products are often extruded molding to be small size flexible strips or large size straight bar profiles,with a constant cross section shapes and continuous length.Color black with smooth surface.

Different sizes/cross section shapes/materials(dense type/sponge foam type/compounded) are available for custom made,please send sample or detailed drawing for us to quote and fabricate.Thanks!

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