Flexible u channel edging are made by EPDM rubber or pvc,used for edges guard protection or rough parts decorative trim,e.g.sheet metal,glazing/glass.

flexible u channel profiles are generally made by common industrial synthetic rubber e.g.EPDM or flexible pvc,its color often black,durometer hardness 70 Shore A more or less.

flexible u channel edging application

  • vehicles trim seal(car,rv,caravan,marine boat etc)
  • glazing/glass edge trim protect and furniture decoration
  • external edges and rough parts:sheet metal;countertops etc

pvc edge trims are more inclined to cover sharp edges for protection,such as glazing/glass item,sheet metals.Rubber edge trims are often used for automotive window/door trim seal.

About us–weather gasket wholesale supplier

Well ours is rubber extrusions manufacturer.Our expertise is pvc/rubber extrusions products.Main product is:

  • industrial rubber extrusions,e.g.tubing/bumpers etc
  • house door window thermal insulation and airtight sealing
  • EPDM rubber/flexible pvc edge trims for sharp edges and rough parts
  • automotive weatherstripping for door,glass window,sunroof,windscreen,boot

Why us–a trustworthy flexible pvc/rubber extrusions manufacturer

  • 14 years producing experience;mature custom made expertise
  • Full set In-House machine shop;favorable bulk production
  • ISO9001/TS16949 certified;professional technician team
  • Good quality materials;reasonable price and tooling cost

Our capacity qualified us to provide most valuable products you’re looking for.We welcome clients contact us for flexible u channel edging wholesale business.


flexible rubber u channel edging trim for glazing/glass


flexible pvc edging trims for sheet metal,machinery


rubber U channel trim for automotive window sealing