Rubber Extrusion Production Line

Silicone/EPDM rubber extrusions producing line can custom made single material items(Solid type or sponge foam type)

Co-extrusion Production Line

Coextrusion line can made steel interlining u channel rubber edge trim,and solid/sponge foam compounded EPDM rubber items

Raw Materials in stock

EPDM rubber raw materials are imported from Mitsui Chemicals (JP),together with silicone rubber materials and PVC materials

Extruded PVC Profiles Product Line

Produce steel interlining flexible PVC edge trim used for sheet metal guard capping and car pinchwelds sealing

Automotive Rubber Seals

Series of extruded rubber seals for vehicles(mainly for cars,bus,vans,trailer,boat,subway/railway locomotive)

Tooling & Lab Testing Device

Tooling and extrusion dies,our company certificates/Approvals,and in-house laboratory testing devices