• Material:Rigid dense EPDM
  • Hardness:70 Shore A
  • Color:Black

Delivery Terms:

  • Package:packed in roll then in carton
  • Delivery time:within 2 weeks

Order Notes:

  • Minimum order quantity:500 meters
  • Transport:Air express/sea shipping
  • Payment Terms:T/T ;Paypal ; Western Union ;Payoneer

Rubber waterstop products embedded in concrete wall chemical resistant

We bulk produce and wholesale rubber waterstop products for concrete use,MOQ 500 meters,it is widely used in construction,e.g.municipal drainage installation,sewage,tunnel,wall etc.

The usage of waterstop profiles is to keep water in or out.The working temperature range is -45~60 centigrade.It is generally made by EPDM rubber or flexible pvc,its key features are:

  • Superior weather resistance(Heat,cold,ozone,UV,sunlight)
  • Chemical resistance(polar solvent):Anti Corrosion;Durable
  • Good resilience; Anti Oxidation; Anti Aging; Waterproof
  • Hard wearing; Di-electric; anti impact/vibration/collision
Note:Joint swell-shrink characteristic,lateral/transverse movements must be taken into account when waterstop profile is designed and installed.The material must be compatible with the concrete,the liquids and chemical factor.
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