• Material:Solid EPDM
  • Hardness:70 Shore A
  • Color:Black

Delivery Terms:

  • Package:packed in roll then in carton
  • Delivery time:within 2 weeks

Order Notes:

  • Minimum order quantity:1000 meters
  • Transport:Air express/sea shipping
  • Payment Terms:T/T ;Paypal ; Western Union ;Payoneer

Rubber window seal gaskets for auto car rv glazing trim molding strips

We bulk produce and wholesale rubber window seal gaskets,MOQ 1000 meters.It is used for vehicles glass windows,such as front/rear windshield screen glass window,side windows glass run channel,car door/window pinchweld u channel edge trim etc.

The gaskets can be wedged between glass edge and car body protruding parts(e.g.sheet metal pinchwelds,fibreglass thin panels) and create a secure seal,the rubber parts can adapt to various environmental conditions indoors and outdoors.

 Its key features are:

  • Superior weather resistance(Heat,cold,ozone,UV,sunlight)
  • Chemical resistance(polar solvent):Anti Corrosion;Durable
  • Good resilience; Anti Oxidation; Anti Aging; Waterproof
  • Hard wearing; Di-electric; anti impact/vibration/collision

It is generally made by EPDM rubber,with post process of cutting,dirlling,notching,punching,pile coating/flocking finished,the final goods has a smooth flexible in texture,often molding to be strips or specific cross section gasket shaped profiles.

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