• Material:Dense/Sponge silicone
  • Hardness:30~70 Shore A
  • Color:Black or colored

Delivery Terms:

  • Package:packed in roll then in carton
  • Delivery time:within 2 weeks

Order Notes:

  • Minimum order quantity:1000 meters
  • Transport:Air express/sea shipping
  • Payment Terms:T/T ;Paypal ; Western Union ;Payoneer

Extrusion molding silicone rubber strips sealing profiles high temp tubes

We bulk produce and wholesale silicone rubber extrusions for multiple industrial usage,MOQ 1000 meters.Color customizable or default black.Typically applied for automotive,instruments/machinery/equipments,kinds of fluid transmission tubing/pipes.

The finished products have a nice smooth surface,its key features are:

  • Superior weather resistance(Heat,cold,ozone,anti aging)
  • Superior chemical stability:Nice moisture absorption
  • Good resilience; Anti knock/impact/vibration/denoise
  • Non toxic; Di-electric;good air permeablity
 Follow-up cutting,drilling,notching,punching,slotting can be processed as per requirement.The extruded silicone products have versatile applications such as electric/electronics,construction(road/bridge),weather seals,chemical industries,damping parts etc.
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