• Material:Solid EPDM
  • Hardness:70 Shore A
  • Color:Black

Delivery Terms:

  • Packing:in roll then in carton
  • Delivery time:within 2 weeks

Order Notes:

  • Minimum order quantity:500 meters
  • Transport:Air express/sea shipping
  • Payment Terms:T/T ;Paypal ; Western Union ;Payoneer

Universal windshield rubber seal trim gaskets molding for boat auto cars

We bulk produce customized and universal windshield rubber seal,used for trim sealing vehicles such as boat,cars,bus,railway/subway locomotive,wedged installing on windscreen window glass,MOQ is 1000 meters.The finished products are:

  • Smooth surface finished,flexible
  • Packed in rolls then in carton,or cut into certain length each piece then in case
  • Hardness:70 Shore A
  • Density:1.3 g/cm³
  • Color black
It is made by solid EPDM,it can effectively trim sealing between car body and windscreen glass,and minimize the wind impact,noise and climate effect when fast speed driving.

Its key features are:
  • Superior weather resistance(Heat,cold,ozone,UV,sunlight)
  • Chemical resistance(polar solvent):Anti Corrosion;Durable
  • Good resilience; Anti Oxidation; Anti Aging; Waterproof
  • Hard wearing; Di-electric; anti impact/vibration/collision
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